Non-verbal communication in business management


Building trustworthy and quality relationships with your co-workers and clientele not only depends on what you say but how you say it. It’s been found that 60 to 75% of our communication is done non-verbally, influencing the way we are perceived and trusted. Building trust and confidence when presenting
On top of smiling, maintaining eye-contact, and persuasive gesturing, you can consider:

  • containing your hand gestures to a small box shape in front of you to help gain trust.
  • gesturing as if you were holding a ball between your hands to help assert control.
  • standing in a wide stance with feet in line with your shoulders to appear confident.
  • holding the tips of your fingers together in a pyramid shape to look more self-assured.

When in a meeting
Before entering a meeting, consider if your emotional state is affecting how others will perceive you. Your level of preparation for the meeting, prior biases against certain colleagues or clients, whether you are angry, tense, or even hungry can all play a role in your emotional state. During the meeting, ensure you are not fidgeting or interrupting as it could make the other person feel you are withdrawn and disinterested.

When negotiating
Mimicry is a strategy often used by negotiators to build rapport and connect. We tend to find those who mimic our movements are more trustworthy and honest than those who do not. You can also consider practising delivering particularly difficult sentiments with a sensitive and composed manner to tone down anything too controversial.


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