Promoting YouTube videos


YouTube is an effective tool in placing a business’s brand, product or service in front of millions of potential viewers and connecting with both existing and potential customers.

However, the platform is often overlooked in favour of sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

Here are some basic strategies to follow when promoting YouTube videos:

  • Begin by using the tools that are available directly through YouTube. For example, provide a detailed and accurate title and description for each video uploaded and use associated tags and keywords that are directly relevant.
  • Incorporate a call to action within the video to encourage people to like, rate, comment on and share the video with their friends and colleagues.
  • Begin promoting the video to friends, customers and clients of the business. Ask these people to watch and share the video with their online friends.
  • Take advantage of the power and capabilities of online social networking to promote the video. Use the business’s online presence on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to provide links to the video and encourage customers to watch.
  • Incorporate the video into the businesses website/blog and use it as an alternate to writing large chunks of text, or lengthy descriptions.
  • Try to collaborate on videos with businesses that have a strong presence on YouTube and that are also targeting a similar audience. However, it is best not to collaborate with businesses that are direct competition.

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