Protecting Your Business From Cyber Security Threats


While taking your business online opens up many new opportunities and is even being encouraged by proposed policies, it also opens it up to potential new and dangerous threats.

Protecting your business from cyber security threats can be as simple a task as taking these steps:

  • Back up your data: Backing up your data is inexpensive and easy to do. This will help you recover any data if you experience a cyber incident. Conduct backups regularly and store the devices you use separately.
  • Secure your devices and network: This step includes updating your software (which may include security upgrades), installing security software, setting up a firewall, and turning on your spam filters. This provides you with the bare minimum line of defence against cyber security threats.
  • Encrypt important information: Encrypt the data you store or send online. This will reduce the risk of theft, destruction or tampering.
  • Train your staff to be safe online: You should let your staff know what threats they may face and what they can do to protect themselves e.g. regularly changing passwords, not sharing sensitive or personal information online, etc.
  • Consider cyber security insurance: The damages of a cyber security attack can’t always be repaired by recovering databases, strengthening security or replacing devices. This insurance should help you cover the costs of a cyber attack if it occurs.

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