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Websites are compromised all the time and security breaches can range from stealing data to defacing your website and even attempting to use your server as an email transfer for spam. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your website and information safe and secure. Here are some tips to protect your website from online dangers:

Keep software up-to-date:
Check both the software you are using and the server operating system are up-to-date regularly. Hackers are quick to target known exploits. For third-party software such as CMS and WordPress be sure to update as soon as system updates become available.

Secure your website:
Online threats not only affect your business but can be passed onto website visitors too. Hackers can alter the coding of a website to include malicious code, known as ‘drive by downloading.’ Consider using a commercial service that will scan your website on a regular basis to check for malware and vulnerabilities. Some services will scan your system for malware prior to issuing a trust seal such as GeoTrust SSL certificate, VeriSign Trust Seal etc. to reassure your visitors.

Limit file uploads:
Visitor file uploads can pose a security risk as any file uploaded could contain a script that when executed on your server completely opens up your website. Do not allow uploads of executables (a file that opens in a program) and have your operating system automatically change all uploaded files to non-executable.

Train your employees:
Identify the risks and train staff accordingly. Employees need to be alert to the warning signs of an attack and the consequences that can result. Introducing cyber-security policies and procedures assist in educating and better preparing your staff. Make sure passwords are complex and do not include information that could be easily guessed such as names and date of birth. Employees should be reminded not to open unknown or suspicious emails, and be aware of entering confidential information on non-secure websites. You may consider electing staff members to create a crisis management team and train them on how to respond to a data breach.


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