Security Measures To Protect Your Business Digitally


A breach in your security systems or failure to backup could jeopardise your business’ productivity and profitability. Time should be taken each year to secure your data to prevent panic should your computer systems fail.

The effectiveness of backups relies on the frequency and the type of technology used. For long-term solutions, avoid using USB and external hard drives as they need to be regularly updated for new files and can easily be lost or misused. Instead, consider switching to cloud storage. Cloud servers allow instant backups and sharing on multiple devices, and you only pay for what you use.

When you update your backups, take stringent security measures to protect yourself against online threats. Viruses, worms and hackers are threats to your data. Conduct a security audit with an IT professional to understand the vulnerable parts of your IT infrastructure. You should encrypt sensitive data, limit employee access to certain files and download anti-virus systems to prevent a security breach.


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