SEO tips for online stores


Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a priority for all websites, however, it is crucial for online stores as each new click can be converted into a sale.

SEO differs for online stores from regular websites in that a distinct site structure is used which requires a different SEO strategy. Here are three SEO tips to improve your traffic and sales:

Alt-text your images
Using Alt-Text provides search engines with clues as to what your image content contains. Search engines cannot read visuals, therefore, adding Alt-Text to your product images allows them to be crawled by search engines. When adding Alt-Text, ensure keywords used for each image are relevant and avoid keyword stuffing.

Avoid duplicate content
Online stores may have large amounts of duplicate content due to product descriptions and lists. Since search engines do not like duplicate content, it is best to get creative when describing your products to avoid any redundancies. Avoid using the manufacturer’s product description; instead use specific keywords for each individual product.

Add meta descriptions for every category page
Meta descriptions allow search engines to distinguish each page from one another, so it makes sense to add unique meta descriptions to each category page.


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