Simple office time savers


When running a busy or successful business, it can be difficult to manage your time effectively. Simple changes we make to our daily routines can often end up being the most effective in maximising efficiency. Below are simple changes you can make to your routine that can help you manage your time while continuing to work.

Arrive early:
Getting into work early can give you extra time in the office with little or no distractions from colleagues. It is more common for people to stay later at work to finish tasks, so by arriving early, you are fresh and able to focus on the most important tasks first.

Plan your day:
Resist the urge to get stuck into your tasks as soon as you arrive at work. Take a moment to decide which tasks need to be done and in what order. One minute of planning at the start can save you ten minutes of work later on. Knowing what you have to do and setting a time period in which to complete it in, can help you better manage yourself.

Use breaks wisely:
Everyone is required to take breaks during the day, even the boss. Even a short break away from the screen can help you come back refreshed, with more energy and a clearer head to face the rest of the day. You can take the opportunity during breaks to socially talk with coworkers to avoid losing valuable working time. Making sure you eat on your break is also important to productivity. A lack of nourishment leads to a reduction in energy but is also thought to contribute to a reduction of will power. As a result, without a proper lunch, you’ll struggle during the afternoon and not perform as well as you could have.

Control notification distractions:
Set a limit on when and how often you are checking your emails or messages. Make sure the volume is turned off for your computer and phone, so beeps or dings won’t distract you throughout the day. Consolidating all your work-related notifications to one platform can also help so you don’t need to be looking at unnecessary pop-ups on multiple devices.

Stand up:
Standing in meetings is a great way to limit the time spent in unnecessary discussions. By standing you won’t get as comfortable and start to discuss topics that are not on the agenda. You can also try standing when on the phone to someone.


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