Simple tech tips to help you work productively at home


Working from an environment ordinarily designed for ultimate comfort and relaxation can be a difficult task. For those who find steering away from all the distractions at home challenging, here are a few tech tips to help you stay productive when working from home.

Clock-in and clock-out online scheduler

Just like your usual workplace, there should be specific time periods you need to work, even from home. Business managers usually already have some sort of procedure implemented in place to delegate work shifts for their employees but in the case that yours does not, suggest an online clock-in and clock-out online scheduler. This will allow employees to clock in at home and record their working hours every day. As an employer, having a digital record of your employees’ working hours will benefit you in the long-run as well for business and legal purposes.

Online heck-list and task delegation platform

A good way to remain productive at home is to set a check-list for yourself of all the tasks you need to complete, including which ones you are working on at the moment, which ones you plan on working on, and those that you have completed. Having this checklist online to share with your employer will also improve the communication process and reassure your employer that you are working productively from home. Your employer can also easily assign you to tasks and keep up with your progress online. There are many web platforms on the market which provide businesses with this service – usually with free trials as well – so take your time in trying out the best platforms for you and your business to resolve your working from home challenges.

Online conference platforms

Keeping in touch with your colleagues is essential to having a productive workplace, even when working from home, and the best way to update your employers and employees on your individual progress is through online conference platforms. Just like your regular morning or review meetings, scheduling an online conference to report task completion, problems or other issues is imperative to keeping the clogs in your business from falling apart and staying in tune with each other.

Noise-cancelling earphones

A simple but effective tip to help you work productively from home is to wear noise-cancelling earphones. Wearing noise-cancelling earphones will help block out the noisy distractions in your home and keep you focused as you would be in your regular office. Just like when you were working in an office, ask family members to contact and interrupt your work only in times of emergencies and to message you for regular conversations.


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