Social media: which one is for you?


While there is now a widely held belief that using a social media platform will increase your business’s online presence, this may not always result in the success you expect.

Social media platforms have opened the door to a whole new range of online opportunities for small businesses. And with such a large range of social media platforms readily available and accessible, there are very little restrictions placed on which platforms you can and cannot use.

Before small businesses take the plunge into the world of social media, it is very important that they first determine which platforms will serve to be most beneficial for them.

Uploading content to every social media platform does not necessarily gain likes, friends or followers, for each platform is specifically designed to host certain kinds of content for certain kinds of users.

Some small businesses may also find that they don’t have the manpower or time to handle the responsibility of actively using more than one social media platform. This is not necessarily a bad thing; it just means that they need to be selective in the social media platforms they do choose to use.

Small businesses should always begin by researching both social media use and their target audience. Think of the behaviour of your target audience or clients. If their personas do not fit within the certain requirements or behaviours of a social media platform, then it’s probably best not to use it.

Even once your business has chosen one or two social media platforms to use, make sure you stay up to date with how the other social media platforms grow and develop. Just because they may not offer the services you need now, does not necessarily mean this will still be the case in years to come.


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