Starting a new job


When starting a new job, there are more new elements than just your desk. You’ll experience new co-workers, tasks and expectations of you, while this can be daunting, it is also a time for you to rise up to new challenges. Your first few days can contribute to your entire experience at a job, here a few ways to make the most of it.

How you approach your first day will greatly affect how you are perceived in the workplace. From your interview, you have sold yourself well enough to gain employment and now is the time to follow through on that sale by showing a positive attitude. Being positive not only applies to your work but to your introductions and interactions with your co-workers, you should be confident in your introductions and not be afraid to ask peoples names or embarrassed if people forget yours.

Work ethic:
While your first day will most likely be introductory and not too heavy on workload, demonstrating an eagerness to listen and learn will help establish your skills. Asking questions on your first day is a good thing that shows you value how the workplace functions and are willing to fit yourself into the day to day practices. It is also important to be honest about your workload. If you are struggling with learning a program or have completed tasks early, communicating your comments or concerns to your employer helps to develop a successful working relationship.

Ask questions:
Whether it be to your boss about office policies or a co-worker about what time the lunch break is, asking questions shows your willingness to learn and be apart of the team. It is better to ask and make sure you are getting things right from the start than to be unsure of what you’re doing and suffer in silence. You’re not expected to know everything right away and asking shows commitment to doing the best work you can. You should also be aware of timing when asking a question. If you can not access something with your login, that is something that needs to be solved quickly, whereas questions about next weeks deadlines can be asked a later time.


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