Super assets lagging


Australia’s superannuation assets are lagging behind the personal investments market, according to new research.

At the end of the financial year, Australia’s personal investments market sat at $2242 billion, while the superannuation market sat at $2032 billion. The personal investments market is projected to reach $4 trillion by 2030.

Investment property totalled 42.6 per cent of the personal investment market, with cash and term deposits closely behind holding 42.2 per cent of the market.

Shares are forecasted to grow from 13.3 per cent to 21.7 per cent by 2030 with a demand for higher yields to drive investors from cash and term deposits.

The majority of personal investments are currently held by individuals with just 3.2 per cent held through investment products and platforms. Australians are predicted to embrace investments held on platforms due to cost reduction and improving accessibility.


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