The Digital Growth Of Your Business Needs Three Things For Success


In a digital world full of disruptors, change is the new norm. Businesses that fail to keep up with technological advancements and let go of opportunities are kicking themselves in the foot.

Although technological change can be intimidating for small business owners, there is no running from it. An increasing amount of customers are turning online when searching for products and services, so it is essential to get your digital affairs in order or risk getting left behind.

With digitisation grants and boosts available to assist your business in the transition, there’s no reason to leave your business in the age of dial-up thinking.

Here are three ways to turbocharge your business’ digital growth for success:

Prioritise Innovation

Innovation requires time and effort. Put aside time during the working week to meet with staff to discuss ideas and solutions – making a habit of this is particularly important as it prepares and expects staff to think outside the box on a regular occasion. Meeting weekly is especially important as things can change quickly in the fast-paced digital environment. Streamline business processes to minimise time-wasting activities, for example, automate email systems, switch to cloud data storing, stick to a strict agenda during meetings and so forth. The time you free up can be used for innovative activities such as idea generation, brainstorming and big-picture thinking.

Embrace Change

Change needs to be viewed in the light of opportunity rather than resistance.

Creating a culture that embraces change rather than one that fears it is the key to business performance and growth.

Although changing culture is not a quick process, there are ways to introduce the idea of positive change slowly. For example, provide positive feedback and professional development, celebrate positive changes in the workforce and reframe new processes, ideas, products, services (etc.) in a manner that will benefit employees.

Tailor Your Messaging

It would be imprudent to expect all your customers to fit into the same profile. Segmenting your target audiences according to demographics, behavioural patterns, location-based factors, and psychographics (attitudes, values, interests, personality) helps to tailor your campaigns for different target audiences.

This helps to reach the right audience with your marketing efforts, ensuring you don’t waste your precious marketing dollars.


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