Three easy ways to protect your passwords


Even though businesses should change their passwords regularly to improve security, it is a responsibility that is quite often overlooked.

Password management is essential for businesses who engage with online technology daily, and carelessness can cost money and even lead to a damaged reputation.

Common poor password habits for businesses with multiple accounts and logins include creating easy to remember passwords, reusing a simple password for all accounts and keeping a list of passwords in an unsecured area.

Here are three steps that every business should follow to avoid being an easy target for online hackers:

Create strong, unique passwords for every account: Businesses should protect their accounts and information by using long, uniquely generated passwords. Strong passwords do not include personal information, like a person’s birthday or pet’s name, and often look like #QW1PqjS%61pAcOTbMGg.

Add a second authentication step: Two-factor authentication is a straightforward and secure safety measure. It requires businesses to provide a second piece of information e.g. a code or temporary password, on top of a username and password before an account can be accessed.

Use a password manager: If it is too hard to remember strong passwords, businesses should look to use a password manager to store their passwords for every online account to make life easier. Password managers can also generate unique passwords and then store them in a secure, easy-to-use vault.


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