Two-way Trans-Tasman Travel Bubble Could Aid Tourism Sector


With international borders closing and travel restrictions tightening for Australians from early 2021 as a result of the global pandemic, the government decision have managed to suppress the virus in Australia to a measure that allowed the Trans-Tasman route to be reopened for two-way travel. This means that travel is now allowed between New Zealand and Australia, without the additional measure of quarantine, though travellers need to be aware that the bubble can be popped at any time as a result of further cases of COVID-19.

The Trans-Tasman route is Australia’s busiest international aviation market, with more than seven million passengers in the year ending January 2020 (before the effects of COVID-19 hit the international aviation field). This announcement represents a major boost to our economy as Australia is now able to accept visitors from New Zealand to boost our economy beyond our domestic ability. Similarly, New Zealand should also benefit from the Australian tourists flowing into their country.

It’s a boost for tourism particularly during this restrictive time, as New Zealand travellers in 2019 spent $1.6 billion on travel and tourism, and could be projected to spend more in 2021. With international borders still closed around the world, this Trans-Tasman travel bubble between Australia and New Zealand brings hope that similar bubbles will eventually occur with other countries that have addressed or like Australia, suppressed COVID-19 to a manageable level.


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