Unofficial rules of social media posting


Social media, in general, has a lot of do’s and don’ts around posting and different platforms. When it comes to using social media from a business perspective, there are even more unofficial rules that you will need to consider following. Different platforms can have their own set of rules and what may be ok for some may be a major faux-pas on another.

General Rules:
Your social media presence as a business should always be positive and open. These are some of the broader rules from a business standpoint that apply to multiple social media sites;

  • Do not over post, keep it to 1-2 a day and spread them out over a few hours.
  • Do not ask for followers, likes, retweets, etc. it looks unprofessional and needy. Alternatively, you can ask questions in your captions to inspire conversation.
  • Ask permission before you tag employees or clients in photos/videos.
  • Use first person pronouns like “we” and “us”, this makes your company seem more personal.
  • Aim to entertain your audience first, selling them a product or service should come second.
  • If you are encouraging interaction in your comments, make sure you respond quickly and to everyone.
  • Be active, if your social media is left unattended you are missing out on business opportunities.
  • Use the same company logo as your profile picture or avatar on all sites for continuity and visibility purposes.
  • Do not share personal information about yourself, employees or clients, it is a business account, keep it as such. For this reason also avoid selfies, food and family photos.
  • Do not like your own posts (Instagram is the exception to this rule).

Instagram and Twitter Rules:
For Instagram and Twitter, there are some rules that apply specifically due to the way their site is set up.

  • Do not use an excessive amount of hashtags, 11 is ideal. The hashtags must also relate to your post or business, don’t tag random things to show up in different searches.
  • Do not feel the need to follow back everyone that follows you. The accounts you follow are public knowledge so if you do not feel one of your followers would be suitable for your image, don’t be pressured into following back.

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