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Low tech is a term used to describe communication techniques that are typically less advanced or require less equipment. Opposed to high tech, which uses the latest technological devices available, low tech is seen as a way to connect on a simpler level.

When running a business, it can be a great time-saver to automate as much as possible, leaving you with more time to focus on tasks that need your attention. When dealing with people though, you can make a significant difference in how people perceive you and your business with smaller, low tech gestures.

Face-to-face meetings:
“Face Time” with customers, employees and business partners is crucial. In-person communication is often substituted for the ease of video calling and instant messaging. If you regularly work at a distance with someone, planning time to interact in-person can help keep the relationship at an enjoyable and productive level. This also shows your business associates that you care enough to take time out of your day to meet with them.

Handwritten notes:
Whether its feedback for an employee or a thank you card to colleagues, handwritten messages show a more personal side to your business. In some situations, handwriting a note can mean more than an email or instant message. For thank you’s, special events (e.g. birthdays) and goodbyes, add a personal touch by writing something yourself.

Staff meetings:
Staff meetings actually can be a good way to communicate, share and come to group decisions. It is difficult to find a balance between too many meetings and too few, but typically small and growing companies are less likely to have sufficient meetings to keep everyone up to date with new developments. Staff meetings also help people communicate together rather than individuals messaging, which can cause information to be left out or misconstrued.

Phone calls:
Talking on the phone is becoming more uncommon with younger generations opting for instant messaging instead when really, one of the easiest and best ways to stay in touch with someone is to give them a phone call. Phone calls not only allow you to get all information across in one sitting, but you can also infer more from the tone of voice than you can when reading a typed message. You can also build a stronger relationship with someone when you can hear each other’s voices.


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