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Every social media site has their own version of analytics, a way for you to see how you are reaching your audience beyond likes and comments. Too much value is placed on how many people “react” to a post when really the analytics show that it’s all about the reach. By utilising these features you gain a better understanding of your audience and can then target content to their needs.

Facebook Insights
Only available for company pages and groups, Facebook insights is one of the most in-depth analytics systems on a social media platform. On the overview page alone you get a look into page views, likes and post reach on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The more you look into the different sections, the greater detail there is about your page. You can look at when you have gained or lost followers which helps determine what posts your followers respond to, the time of day your page is most viewed so you can schedule posts around peak times and even the demographics of your audience, their age gender and Facebook habits which can help you better understand who your clients are. Furthermore, you can see the statistics on paid content, how buying an ad can increase your reach and page views.

Twitter Analytics
Twitter analytics are available to anyone with an account, there is no difference between personal or business profiles. This analytics page gives you a 28 day summary of your top tweets, mentions and profile visits you have had. It also shows how well your tweets have performed such as what attracts more interaction and how many followers you have lost or gain over the time period. Though not as in-depth as Facebook insights, Twitter analytics help you see the organic reach you have.

Instagram Insights
Only available on business profiles, Instagram insights shows the activity on your account in the last seven days, what interactions there have been or what posts have been discovered. Under the content tab, you can see the performances of your posts, stories and paid promotions the page has run, this gives you a better idea of the content your followers want to see. Like Facebook insights, Instagram shows you who your followers are and when they engage with your post.


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