Using social media as a tool to enhance the business


With everyone jumping on the social media bandwagon, there is no surprise that businesses are using the continually evolving digital platform as a valuable marketing tool.

For those who are yet to be swept up in the hype of our radically changing cyber space, the question is not whether they will join the masses, but when.

With around 1.59 billion Facebook users alone and hundreds of social media sites worldwide, it is impossible to deny its prevalence, and increasing dominance and influence in society.

Because of the internet’s immediacy and anonymity, businesses are able to gain a virtually accurate reading of how customers perceive the business.

Social media allows businesses to gain a real understanding of your customers. It is also a great platform to throw out new ideas and see how customers respond. What would they like to see from the company, what would they like to be improved, or abandoned altogether.

LinkedIn is a great business networking site for both communicating with the target market and also seeking prospective staff. This site, which is aimed at business professionals, directs potential customers through their connections with others. Each user compiles a list of connections, which they trust and therefore promote to their own connections.

Businesses can also recruit for prospective staff, or request for referrals through their personal network of professionals on LinkedIn.


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