Using social media effectively for your business


Social media may be relatively new compared to more traditional modes of marketing, but nevertheless, it is an incredibly useful and effective way to engage with potential clients. As some small business owners struggle with understanding which social media platform is best suited to their business model and target audience, here is a breakdown of what platforms and content are best suited for your needs.

Having a Facebook presence is almost a necessity for most businesses. It allows for customers to interact with a business through blog style posts promoting products, news and encouraging users to share these posts with their friends. Having a Facebook page is also an excellent means of developing awareness of a product or brand. While being important for most businesses, Facebook is ideal for retail, hospitality and service industries.

YouTube is the second most used ‘search engine’ on the internet with users spending an average of 40 minutes on the website looking at videos, giving businesses a large and focused audience to target. Businesses with a product to sell are able to showcase their work with short, catchy videos, offering customers a deeper engagement with the business via behind the scenes of product lines, tips and reviews. The video format works particularly well with tourism and entertainment businesses.

LinkedIn can be a valuable tool for a business if they recognise its potential as an online version of a business lunch or conference. Having a LinkedIn profile can build a connection within an
industry by using the groups and discussions features to showcase a business’ knowledge and expertise. If potential clients are able to see that a business is experienced and professional, they are more likely to want to deal with them.

The potential of this platform for small businesses is far reaching; as long as a clear and committed strategy is used. Twitter is a powerful way to update customers on the goings on of a business and allows businesses to converse with their clients in real time and more informally. However, a happy medium between too much content and too little is necessary in order to reap the benefits of Twitter.


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