Using technology to increase employees’ productivity


Being the owner of a business comes with a high amount of responsibility, one of which is managing your employees and ensuring they are consistently productive. With an increase in flexibility given more people the ability to work from home, here are some tactics you can use as an employer to encourage your remote employees to make their time as productive as possible.

Invest in time management tools:
One of the biggest hurdles that many remote workers can face is procrastination. There are a number of apps that enable you to do things such as track tasks that employees complete throughout the day, manage deadlines, check in with your team and upload files. Simple online tools, if implemented correctly, can help boost accountability and productivity even if your workers are in different timezones.

Hold video conferences:
A great way to communicate with a remote team is to hold video conferences. They can help to encourage productivity, as face-to-face meetings can remove feelings of isolation. Video meetings can also build more solid working connections, as certain behaviours and intonations can get lost through online messaging systems. People may feel more freely able to ask questions and discuss barriers through video conferences. There are a variety of video conferencing services available online, so shop around to find the right one to suit the needs and budget of your business.

Consider automation software:
There are a number of online tools that you can use to automate much of the time-consuming tasks within your day. There are applications that can automate everything from scheduling social media posts, paying bills, responding to emails, and updating data spreadsheets. Employing technology to deal with these seemingly simple tasks can allow you and your staff to focus on more meaningful jobs.


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