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With over 320 million users, Twitter makes up an important piece of a firm’s social media marketing strategy mix, as it provides great opportunities for firms to reach their audience.

Sadly, many firms solely exist on Twitter and do nothing else. To truly use Twitter effectively, firms need to put in the time, and effort to create real online activity to reach their overall firm goal. Here are three actionable tips firms for how to use Twitter effectively.

Develop a strategy
Developing a Twitter strategy is a step that is often skipped by many users since the platform is so easy to jump into. This is also the main reason many firms won’t achieve the results they are after.

Taking the time to craft out a plan for how your firm will use Twitter can prevent you from using it aimlessly. Good Twitter strategies define who a firm is trying to reach, the relevant profiles they want to connect with, the firm’s overall goals, a tweeting schedule and the content to be tweeted.

Having a plan in place will ensure your firm is working towards a specific goal instead of just being present on the platform.

Make using Twitter a daily activity
Get your firm into the habit of using Twitter daily. The social network is probably the fastest out of all social networks to move along, so it isn’t easy simply trying to fit in whenever your firm has time. Firms need to make time. The best way to do this is to schedule set times for someone in your firm to handle Twitter tasks like:

  • responding to other users
  • re-tweeting content
  • following new accounts
  • incorporating trending topics into the Twitter strategy

Creating a checklist for Twitter activities that need to be done on a daily basis creates accountability and ensures your firm gets everything done properly.

Humanise your firm
Users on social media want to do business with other human beings; not faceless firms with no personality. Twitter is a great platform to showcase your firm’s personality. Humanising your firm on Twitter can help to connect with others and allow your firm to stand out in a sea full of static and boring accounting firms.


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