Want Your Business To Go Green, But Not Sure How? New Technology Might Have A Few Methods You Could Apply


Integrating technology into your small business to promote a more environmentally-friendly outlook to your customers could be a key change in targeting a new demographic.

Studies have shown that younger customers are more likely to purchase from businesses that align with their values and ethics, and a greener approach to business may be your ticket to targeting that demographic.

A key approach that your business could use to align itself with a more environmentally friendly image is to go paperless. With a drastic reduction in waste, digitalising your communication, billing and invoicing can provide you with easier access to records and relevant information. Not only is this good for your business and for the environment, it can also save you money.

Though it may be difficult to entirely go paperless if the companies that you are still conducting business with are still using paper communication, you can still make these changes where possible particularly within your business’s internal operations.

Over the last few years, many businesses have needed to conduct business and work from home. This has led to reduced emissions and a greater understanding of flexible work for employees and businesses that have changed company values.

Working remotely has been facilitated by significant improvements in technology, with online applications allowing team members to collaborate and discuss work in real-time, with few issues.

Remote working also removes the need for travel, reducing transport-related pollution and saves businesses money on powering large office buildings for employees to work in. By switching your business model to a remote or flexible working arrangement, you’ll potentially save on leasing costs which can be reinvested into other company resources. Some businesses may benefit from hot-desking, where desks in the offices are allocated when they are required rather than giving each worker their own desk.

Renewable energy may also be available and utilised by small businesses. In some cases, there may be government stipends or grants available that can be used to implement renewable energy into the business’s processes. If your business does have a small office, for instance, adding solar panels can be an extremely efficient way to reduce or offset carbon emissions. Although it might seem like an expense at the time, it may end up saving you in the long run.

By aligning your business’s values to achievable goals in terms of the environment with the assistance of technology, you could potentially target demographics that you had not previously achieved, or find staff that prioritise those values to assist your business.


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