Website Design Tips To Benefit Working Professionals


Website design can be a key component in engaging your clients.

Many websites will have common features that provoke appeal and promote your business to visitors. These are features you should make sure you have on your website:

  • Your contact information should be easily accessible. Potential customers should know how to get in touch with you if they want your products or services.
  • Try to have a blog on your website that you update with articles about your business area. This is great for SEO, producing shareable content that gets your name out there, and a way to demonstrate your knowledge to potential customers.
  • Having testimonials and case studies on your website will make it easier to increase your credibility and demonstrate customer satisfaction. Case studies will also make it easier for customers to understand how you may be useful to them.
  • SEO content throughout the website will bring more customers to you. Make sure you integrate SEO strategising for titles, descriptions and any other content.
  • A live chat function makes asking questions much easier for potential customers. Live chat functions are easy to install and people regularly use them when making online purchases.
  • An effective search function on the website can save customers time. Research has found that the use of search function correlates with a website visitor’s conversion rate.

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