What Could Your Business’s LinkedIn Improve? Here Are 4 Elements No Business LinkedIn Should Neglect


Though other social media platforms may prioritise casual connections and interactions, LinkedIn’s primary focus is on platforming individuals and businesses and spotlighting their skills and experience in that sense.

The steps to building an engaging, effective and professional LinkedIn page for your business should be a straightforward process, but you will need to set aside dedicated time to do so.

Similarly, if you are creating the page from scratch as opposed to updating it, additional time needs to be accounted for in that case. Performing a full update of a page may take more time than gradually updating sections, but you will want all information to be current and available to your business’s clientele and prospective team members.

Having a strong LinkedIn presence can be helpful in forming strong partnerships and bringing into the fold team members that suit your business’s needs. But how can you make it truly effective as a branding method?

The elements of your page need to be consistent, in line with your branding and able to convey to your business connections exactly what it is that you are offering or what it is you as a business are capable of doing. For example, an accounting firm that simply lists accounting and is haphazard with conveying who they are may not be as effective or trusted as an accounting firm that specifies their specialities, gives examples of what they can do and humanises their practice with their team. Take into account and consideration what you need from your business’s LinkedIn page.

Profile Image & Banner

Your logo should always be your business/organisation/firm’s profile image. This establishes your legitimacy and makes it easier at a glance to figure out who you are to your connections. With regard to the image of your banner, you may be able to play around with it to find out what works for your brand identity (sleet and stylish, actionable and engaging, etc). To avoid awkward stretching of the image, make sure that both of these images fit the sizing requirements listed in LinkedIn.

About Us

This should not be too long or too difficult to read. Keep it engaging, snappy and accessible, since this is what you’re using to tell the reader who you are as a brand. It also informs them of where you are based, what you offer, what your values are, what your brand voice is and how people should contact you. Don’t forget to maintain professionalism in what you convey as LinkedIn is a professional space.

Fill Out The Key Fields

Connect your social media or website to your LinkedIn to provide connections with a way to investigate further, add your address, the details of your industry and your company size to flesh it out further. Filling out all of these will help LinkedIn show your page in response to relevant searches (a form of SEO) and make you more discoverable to those you aren’t connected with.

Create Showcase Pages

The main purpose of your main page is to give people an overview of the business. If you have multiple services, however, creating showcase pages will spotlight and magnify the day-to-day activities of each service. This will help people engage with the aspect of your business that’s relevant to them.


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