What every entrepreneur needs to know about digital marketing in 2016


Things have changed in the marketing landscape over recent years, making it difficult to know exactly what the most valuable marketing tips and techniques now are for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs have become more prolific than ever, so it definitely pays to know how your business can tackle marketing in 2016, so you stand out from the crowd.

Digital marketing is a practice fast becoming the name of the business game for 2016. Here is what you should know about this marketing strategy and how you can implement it for the year ahead:

You need a mobile version of your site

The majority of internet users surf the internet using their phone. So if your business website isn’t compatible with mobile phones, then it is much easier for potential customers to pass you by for a better, mobile friendly option. Marketing is about perfecting your current approaches; so if you already have a website, make it mobile friendly to eliminate an obstacle and gain a customer.

You need a social media presence

Most customers search for a business online before paying your store a visit. While having a website provides a place for customers to find information about your business, you also need a social media presence. Not only do social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter provide a way of interacting with customers, having a social media profile shows a level of competence. Less experienced businesses overlook the value of reaching out to customers platforms, so by creating a social media profile, you’re demonstrating to customers that you are ready to give them what they want.

You need to publish regular content

Internet users want to be entertained; they need a reason to stay on your business’s website. Publishing articles, images or even videos to your website or blog gives customers a reason to visit your site regularly and see what you have to offer.


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