What you can do to stay updated in your field


Keeping yourself updated with current knowledge about your field can help set you apart from others. It shows current and potential employees that you are committed to your career and continuously looking to expand your skills.

Here are some ways to keep up-to-date with knowledge about your field:

  • Attend professional events: Local businesses and professional groups often hold events where other professionals and experts in your field may come together to discuss progress and changes in the field. This is an opportunity to learn from and network with other like-minded individuals in your field.
  • Partake in professional development courses: These courses help expand your skills as well as provide you with academic recognition and credit. Online courses tend to be flexible and affordable so that they can be completed simultaneously with work.
  • Utilise online courses: The web is continually updated with new information and content on various topics. It might take some searching to find sources that are relevant to your field, but they will typically be free of charge or of nominal cost.

It may also be worth discussing potential courses that could be particularly useful for your current role with your employer. The employer may be able to claim tax deductions if they facilitate training courses for you. Further, the government has also made provisions for self-education if it is particularly relevant to your employment. Prior to starting or registering into a course, it may be worth looking into these factors.


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