Why you should consider password management apps


One of the best ways to secure your business online is to use a unique password for each of the sites that you use. While the many cloud computing and web-based apps have improved business efficiency, systems for you and your team can become disorganised if too much time is spent repeatedly entering various usernames and passwords needed to log in. This is where having a password management app can be extremely useful, saving time and allowing you to get on with the more important jobs at hand.

Password management apps act as a master key to all of the passwords that only you and selected employees can access. A typical password manager integrates with your browser and will capture the username and password that you use to log in to a secure site. When you revisit a site that you have saved these details, most password managers will automatically refill the saved data, saving you time.

They have many other benefits, including:

  • The ability to use more secure passwords, such as ones that include a combination of uppercase and lowercase, numbers and special characters. As you don’t need to memorise them, you can make passwords much more detailed.
  • Being less likely to get hacked, as you can use different secure passwords for each site which is far more secure than constantly using the same one.
  • Your login details are encrypted. This means that all of your information is converted into a code by the app and is only decrypted when you log in with your main password. This is the same level of security that is used with internet banking.
  • The use of two-factor authentication for stronger security. This provides an extra layer of security if someone does gain access to your password. When this feature is set up, the app will ask for information that only you will be able to provide, such as a random code sent to your mobile.

There are a number of password management apps on the market, so take some time to research which one would work best for your business. Some of the more popular apps include LastPass, Team Password, or Dashlane.

It is worth keeping in mind that there is a risk involved in storing all of your passwords in one place. However, the risks are significantly minimised when using a secure app, as they are regularly detecting issues of bugs and staying updated, ensuring they use the latest security features.


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