Women in business


Women account for 46.9% of the workforce in Australia. With a solid idea and a strong support system, women can become highly successful entrepreneurs in their desired field. There are however some elements of business, that don’t necessarily apply to men, which women should be aware of.

Don’t let fear stop you from trying:
Entrepreneurship is a difficult area of business regardless of gender. Risk taking is what separates successful entrepreneurs, learning from and embracing imperfections can be difficult but will ultimately better your ideas and approaches. Mistakes are opportunities for growth. Without failures, you don’t see where your product, service or business needs improving. In some instances, you may be the only woman in the room, but don’t let this discourage you from presenting your ideas. Use situations like this as an opportunity to advocate for female entrepreneurs and inspire change in business.

Ask for help and feedback:
Many entrepreneurs want to appear tough and invulnerable in business, women even more so as many feel that they have to prove themselves. Although appearing untouchable can be a good thing, no one is perfect or knows everything. It is ok to ask for help and feedback for your ideas, it won’t make you seem any less tough. There are always new things to be learnt and you can benefit from outside opinions on your business.

Support other women:
Having a solid network that can aid you in different elements of your business can dramatically improve your work experiences. It is easy to compare yourself to other women, especially in a business context when other women can appear as competition. Rather than struggling against each other, offering support and kinship can benefit everyone involved. Allying yourself with other women can help you create greater opportunities for networking and idea building.


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